Gunderson Dettmer Commemorates 2024 Women's History Month and International Women's Day

March 1, 2024Insights

Gunderson Dettmer commemorates Women's History Month and International Women’s Day in March 2024 with a series of events across its US offices, access to resources and tribute to this month's theme, Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.”


At Gunderson Dettmer, we’re proud to honor the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. This March, as we commemorate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day under the theme “Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress," we reflect on the pivotal role women have played in shaping our society and advancing our journey toward equity.

Women entrepreneurs and leaders have been instrumental in driving forward groundbreaking ideas and disrupting industries to foster a more equitable ecosystem where inclusion thrives. As a law firm dedicated to supporting startups and venture capital, we recognize the immense value that diverse perspectives bring to innovation and growth. Our attorneys partner with exceptional organizations like Gold House, Black Women in Venture, Girls Into VC, Poker Power and others to build initiatives driven by inclusion. We are proud of clients such as BBG Ventures, January Ventures and Recast Capital who dedicate content and programs to building the next generation of women leaders.

Join us this Women’s History Month as we commemorate the past, celebrate the present and empower what is next.


This month, we celebrate women’s progress in the fight for gender parity. We also reflect on how we can usher in positive change and support initiatives that focus on empowering women.

Progress doesn’t happen without investing in women and girls. One of the themes for the 2024 International Women’s Day is Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress. According to a recent UN Report, a key challenge in achieving gender equality in this decade is an alarming lack of financing; it estimates a $360 billion annual deficit in spending on gender-equality measures. Women’s organizations and movements are particularly underfunded and under threat.

At Gunderson, we are proud to help minimize the gender investment gap. In the last two years, Gunderson has provided legal representation for[1]:

  1. 504 companies with women founders
  2. 554 venture deals with a total value of $23.6B for investment in women-founded companies
  3. 54 investors that are women-founded or currently have women in managing director positions

- On behalf of the Women's Affinity Group


  • Women’s Affinity Group Local Office Celebrations will be taking place throughout March. These celebrations will include events like a women-themed trivia lunch, pottery making and a cooking class.
  • Firmwide Allyship Training will feature an engaging presentation that focuses on providing education and resources on how to be a stronger ally.
  • EmpowHer is a speaker series highlighting Gunderson women, their professional journeys, and their experiences as women in the legal field. In each edition of this series, two women will share a focused discussion around a theme. This edition of the speaker series will feature a partner and professional staff member sharing best practices for internal networking and relationship development.


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