Prioritizing relationships with IQ and EQ.


Gunderson Dettmer employees comprise a rich diversity of colleagues of different backgrounds and skills essential to our global reach. We are committed to building a community of dynamic professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit who share our core values. Gunderson seeks agile team players and idea generators who embrace professionalism, humility, respect, and technology. 

Law Students

Gunderson Dettmer’s campus recruiting approach is different from other firms. We look for students that have experience as innovators, entrepreneurs, in venture development, and in technology.


We challenge every lawyer at Gunderson to be as entrepreneurial and innovative as the people that hire us. Our clients expect smart, informed, anticipatory counsel from intuitive, networked, creative, pragmatic, disciplined lawyers. We expect the same in our candidates.

Professional Staff

Our people are our most valuable resource. We will recruit, train and promote the best people. We will work together to create an environment in which each of our people can grow, take initiative, and develop a fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding career.