The venture ecosystem—our home court. 

We challenge every lawyer at Gunderson to be as entrepreneurial and innovative as the people that hire us. Our clients expect smart, informed, anticipatory counsel from intuitive, networked, creative, pragmatic, disciplined lawyers. We expect the same in our candidates. We look for real people with specific talents. We look for people who share our vision. Before we ask if you're right for us, we want to know if we're right for you.

The venture ecosystem has become global, but it’s still an incredibly small world. Our best lateral candidates have usually worked opposite us on a deal or shared a client in common. We’ve probably gotten to know you professionally and personally on high-stakes deals or late-night conference calls. We have a good feel for who you are before we start talking about working together. You share our practical approach to delivering results to your clients and our commitment to client service. With so much in common, lateral integration issues aren’t really issues.

We have a team-oriented culture that few competitors can match and we attract the most exciting venture and technology clients around the world. If you see opportunity where others see risks, solutions where others see problems, and want to work with like-minded iconoclasts and builders, let’s talk.

Our Current Openings

We're currently recruiting for a variety of positions. If you don't see the right fit for you, feel free to drop us a line.