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You’re about to become a lawyer: What kind of lawyer do you want to be?

We are a focused firm looking for recruits that share our passion for the work we do. We’re lean and busy so we only interview at a handful of law schools. But it’s important to spend some meaningful time learning about each other rather than speed-dating so there’s a good chance we’ll meet with you at an off-campus event. We seek out students who have experience as innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers and business people. Our best candidates tend to know who we are and what we do before we ever meet. If you are a great fit for us, you probably already know it.

Law Student Recruiting

Gunderson Dettmer recruits students we think can and will become partners but we know there’s more than one way to build a career. As lawyers gain experience, many decide to start companies, or go in-house as a GC at a start-up or venture fund. We encourage this kind of initiative and we’ll work for your success; chances are, we’ll stay connected.

As a summer associate, we’ll challenge you to think in ways that law school can’t teach. We strive to make our summer program challenging, meaningful and fun by providing hands-on mentoring and substantive experiences. You’ll work with clients that will know your name. You won’t be stuck doing research projects or being the fifth person on the deal team.

Gunderson Dettmer is a career platform for the problem solvers and business-minded lawyers who work here. We love building futures.