When the innovation economy began in Silicon Valley, we saw a future where technology took a primary position in the global economy and made an indelible impact on our world. We saw it and we built a firm for it. We launch hundreds of startups every year and are consistently recognized as the most active law firm in the venture capital market.

We are uniquely experienced to guide entrepreneurs through early stage issues, helping them to scale their companies, accelerate their businesses, and make their marks on their industries. We advise and counsel clients on what we know to be the most critical issues on a startup's roadmap – obtaining capital, attracting and retaining talent, and monetizing innovations.

We value the visionary. From inspired innovators to seasoned executives, our clients are those who create, steward, and improve. We provide counsel tailored to the particular needs of companies at all stages of the innovation lifecycle.

We are nimble and flexible. We scale as you scale. We offer the right resources at the right time. With expertise across sectors and geographies our team can help your company get to what’s next.