We support clients in their efforts to comply with the ever-expanding universe of privacy and data security regulations. We also negotiate all privacy and security aspects of commercial relationships.

Long on experience. We’ve been focused on privacy and security issues on behalf of technology companies since the 1990s. We understand the significance of data in emerging technology businesses and the risks it brings to the table. Our Privacy & Data Security group is one of the largest of any firm focused on emerging companies, and we have more CIPPs (Certified Information Privacy Professionals) than any other comparable firm, including practitioners certified for both the U.S. and the E.U.

Comprehensive and targeted counsel. We help craft policies and practices to address data compliance risks and obligations and assure that proper privacy and security protections are built into commercial relationships. We’ve created more privacy policies and negotiated more privacy and security-related contractual provisions for emerging companies than any other firm.

Broad regulatory expertise. Our counsel extends across U.S., state and international privacy and related regulatory regimes. We combine technical know-how with real world experience to ensure that you have practical advice tailored to your business.