Public companies, boards of directors and management teams expect best-in-class advice for the myriad day-to-day operational, strategic and governance issues they face as reporting companies. We maintain an active practice representing our public company clients after their public listing, and our extensive public companies experience spans the full suite of securities regulatory, governance and disclosure matters. We also support our public company clients in the full range of capital-raising transactions – from follow-on offerings and at-the-market offerings, to Rule 144 convertible notes offerings and private placements of public equity (PIPEs), to secondary offerings and other offering structures. We work seamlessly with underwriters, initial purchasers, strategic investors, auditors, the SEC, stock exchanges and other market participants to support the capital raising priorities of our clients. 

Seeing Around Corners

We are strategic advisors to our clients on market dynamics and execution risks and opportunities, and our focus on the innovation economy means we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest terms and trends for securities offerings by our clients. We help our clients anticipate roadblocks and prevent surprises by highlighting regulatory developments, evolving trends and proposed amendments, providing real-time insights to our clients on the changing rules and priorities of the SEC, stock exchanges, proxy advisors, institutional and strategic investors and other key market participants. Our advice is informed by our frequent dialogue with the SEC, stock exchanges and key market participants, and we leverage our deep knowledge from decades of counseling venture-backed technology and life sciences companies and their boards of directors as they evolve and grow as public companies.

Ongoing Relationships

Many firms bifurcate their public clients onto teams of regulatory and compliance lawyers after an IPO. We take a different approach. We continue to add resources to the same core Corporate and Capital Markets team that helped guide your business through the offering while integrating other legal services as your needs evolve. We know your IPO isn’t an endpoint; it is the beginning of another stage in your company's lifecycle. We design our staffing to seamlessly support you in this next stage.

Supporting Board Governance

We have decades of experience guiding companies through crucial decisions relating to board composition, committee structure, and voting controls and takeover defenses, including thousands of hours in boardrooms and real-world experience. We stay abreast of the evolving changes in corporate governance and keep our clients informed of the latest developments, including on topics such as diversity and environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices, among others.

Experienced Disclosure Support

We counsel clients and assist them with SEC disclosure requirements, including annual and quarterly reports, current reporting on Form 8-K, proxy statements, Section 13 and Section 16 reports, and other communications. As our clients mature and evolve, we work alongside them as their disclosures evolve accordingly, whether that means addressing complex executive compensation disclosures, shareholder proposals or other forms of shareholder activism, ESG disclosures, or any of a myriad other disclosure and compliance topics that can become relevant to our clients. We work hand in hand with our clients through the transition from the road show and S-1 messaging to the first earnings call, the first shareholder meeting, and after.