It’s no secret that legal challenges and business opportunities evolve as companies mature. Since our inception, we have committed ourselves to representing high-growth companies throughout their lifecycle – through M&A, IPO and as public companies. We are sounding boards, stress reducers and pressure testers. We know how to listen; we know how to deliver. We distill complex legal recommendations into clear, pragmatic solutions that feed the momentum of success.

Sound Governance For A Prosperous Future

We advise CEOs, management teams and boards on the technical responsibilities under corporate and securities laws. But that’s just table stakes. Our focus also ensures practical and effective counsel on the hard stuff—advising on governance best practices and activities. This includes sound business and compliance policies and legal strategies that are consistent with the mission and goals of your company and appropriate for the stages of its lifecycle.

We help create effective boards, develop productive relationships and navigate the challenging issues that inevitably arise. And we scale with clients as they grow to multi-billion dollar market cap public companies. Our clients have the full power of a preeminent firm behind them, no matter what hurdle they face.

Trusted Support For Long-Term Success

Functioning as an extension of management and in-house legal teams, we guide our maturing private and public company clients on key strategic and business decisions, from securities offerings, M&A and commercial transactions to corporate governance, executive compensation and operational issues.

We’ve handled hundreds of public offerings and thousands of M&A, strategic alliance and commercial transactions across the globe. The familiarity and trust we have built with clients allow us to provide clear and bespoke guidance, addressing our clients’ goals as they evolve.