Attracting and retaining talent is critical for innovative, high-growth ;companies. We have worked with thousands of companies to design, draft and administer compensation arrangements. Our clients turn to us to not only because they trust our technical expertise, but also because we understand the long-term strategic and practical business implications of any compensation arrangement.

A Customized Approach

We guide emerging growth companies through each stage of the business cycle and help them structure compensation arrangements with that in mind. Our team has deep knowledge of the tax, securities, corporate governance, accounting, labor and employment and related technical complexities that govern compensation arrangements. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to executive compensation: your company’s vision, plan and board must be considered when crafting optimum solutions. We design equity compensation plans, executive agreements, severance and change in control arrangements, incentive bonus programs and other incentive based plans that are essential to emerging growth and maturing companies’ abilities to attract and retain top talent. We design equity instruments (restricted stock, incentive and non-statutory stock options, RSUs, SARs, phantom stock and more) with design features, vesting schedules, acceleration triggers, contractual restrictions and other features to align employees’ and employers’ incentive and retention goals and performance objectives.

Continuous Alignment

Our deep insight into industry practices and cutting-edge developments enable us to calibrate to the needs and objectives of founders, investors, boards of directors and employees. Our stock plans can grow with a company from its first employee, through multiple rounds of funding, to an exit event. We help maturing companies navigate changing needs and objectives as they grow rapidly and near an exit event. And as a client transitions to the public markets, we remain at their side, helping them adapt to and remain in compliance with SEC and market expectations. Whether your company is hiring its first employee or is in the process of selling itself or going public, our executive compensation team is in your corner.

Fresh Market Insight

As the market leader with innovation economy companies, we have unique insight into industry practices as well as new developments. The breadth of our practice and the nature of our client base naturally means that we see more unique scenarios requiring creative and novel solutions.