We have worked with thousands of companies to design, draft and administer compensation plans and arrangements that drive growth and success. We are steeped in the tax, corporate and securities, labor and employment and related technical complexities that govern these arrangements. We also understand their strategic and practical business implications.

Customized Plans. We design equity compensation plans, executive agreements, deferred compensation plans, severance and change in control arrangements, incentive bonus programs and other incentive based plans that are essential to emerging growth and maturing companies’ abilities to attract and retain top talent. We employ equity instruments (incentive and non-statutory stock options, RSUs, SARs, phantom stock and more) with design features, vesting schedules, acceleration triggers, contractual restrictions and other features to align employees’ and employers’ incentive and retention goals and performance objectives. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to executive compensation: Your company’s vision, plan and board must be considered when crafting optimum solutions.

Continuous Alignment. Our deep insight into industry practices and cutting-edge developments enable us to calibrate to the needs and objectives of founders, investors, boards of directors and employees. We don’t provide pro-forma templates but efficient yet customized approaches. We understand, in particular, the changing needs and objectives as your company nears an IPO or M&A transaction.

Market Insight. Our novel approach to unique scenarios generates creative solutions that become part of a practical knowledge base that benefits clients worldwide. We pioneered many of the compensation practices that have become standard for venture backed companies and continue to innovate through our integrated business approach that marries best practices with competitive acumen and tax and regulatory discipline.