We are singularly focused on the startup and emerging company market. We launch hundreds of startups every year and are consistently recognized as the most active law firm in the venture capital market. As entrepreneurs, you are driven to innovate, and we’re driven to help you realize opportunities. We work shoulder to shoulder to help achieve your vision.

What We Do. We guide clients through every stage of growth, beginning at the pre-launch stage. With decades of collective knowledge earned alongside thousands of entrepreneurs, we provide invaluable insight at this critical stage. We work with you to lay the best possible foundation for your company’s launch, growth and success—that includes guidance outside of the technical legal world, including investor relations, organizational matters, executive compensation and, of course, fundraising activities.

Our Approach. With startups, it’s a given that roles are fluid and team members step up to do what needs doing. That’s our way, too. We become extensions of management teams and serve as trusted business advisers, not just general counsel. We internalize your vision and business models and work with you to set up the next stage of growth.

Deep Connections. Our clients say that we deliver credibility, relationships and access through our connections in the tech and venture capital ecosystem. Unlike more recent entrants in the market, we’ve always been solely dedicated to the emerging companies and their investors. Our connections are extensive, personal and institutional. This allows us the opportunity—the privilege and responsibility, really—to bring together intellectual capital and financial resources that are right for each client.