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August 25, 2023Firm News

Gunderson Dettmer is committed to fostering AI education within the venture capital landscape. Below is a diverse range of AI-focused resources including articlesclient insights, events, podcasts and webinars designed to enrich your understanding and engagement with this dynamic field. 

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Gunderson Dettmer's FutureWork podcast Season 5 focuses on the world of generative AI.
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Ep 5: Developing Your Generative AI Strategy, a Conversation With Charlene Li Charlene Li's expertise in generative AI provides valuable insights into the future of work and the potential of AI to drive innovation and transform industries. Listen here.

Ep 4: Helping Legal Teams Leverage Generative AI: A Conversation with IronClad Co-Founder, Cai GoGwilt Gunderson partner Natalie Pierce dives into the world of AI-powered business contracts and how the legal industry may be leading the way, with special guest, Cai GoGwilt. Listen here.

Ep 3: Deep Fakes, Social Engineering and Sam Altman, Oh My! - A Discussion With a Head of Data Privacy  Head of Gunderson Dettmer’s Data Privacy Practice Anna Westfelt and Natalie Pierce discuss the growth of AI technology, the possible negative and positive effects, and how individuals can prepare themselves for this changing landscape. Listen here

Ep 2: Generative AI is Here: How To Prepare Your Teams Gunderson Dettmer partners Katie Gardner, Aaron Rubin and Natalie Pierce examine how to prepare teams as companies integrate generative AI tools into the workplace. Listen here.

Ep 1: Shaping a Legal Innovation Practice with Generative AI In the season opener, host Natalie Pierce speaks with two colleagues from Gunderson's practice innovation group, Chief Innovation Officer Joe Green and Legal Engineering & Data Strategy Manager John Scrudato. Listen here


The Latest in GenAI: Updates on the Regulatory Landscape and Company Best Practices to Engage in Now
August 8, 2023
Gunderson Dettmer Strategic Partner and Licensing partner Katie Gardner provided an update on new developments in the AI industry, focusing on government regulation and enforcement, copyright development, legal diligence, licensing deals, financing, and acquisitions.

Coding with Generative AI: Open Source Compliance and Practical Risk Management
May 31, 2023
Gunderson Dettmer partner Aaron Fiske and Synopsys general manager Phil Odence hosted a discussion on the potential business and legal issues associated with using generative AI in software development. The panel provided insights into using generative AI-powered coding tools from leading open-source specialists and offered practical strategies for companies to manage risk and exposure.

Generative AI: Navigating Privacy and Security Concerns in the U.S., EU and UK Webinar
April 26, 2023
Gunderson Dettmer and Osborne Clarke hosted a discussion of data privacy and security concerns associated with use of generative AI services. The panel provided an overview of regulatory guidance and evolving legal requirements in the U.S., European Union and the United Kingdom. They also discussed practical steps companies can take to address legal requirements and mitigate privacy and security risks associated with using or integrating generative AI services.

Patenting AI: What does it Mean, Should we do it, and What does Success Look Like?
April 19, 2023
Gunderson Dettmer hosted a webinar on patenting AI including AI patent trends over time and across various techniques, applications and industries. Brian McCloskey examined various aspects of AI that patents can protect, such as data preparation, training processes, and functional applications of AI.

​​​​​​Generative AI Latest Developments, Legal Risks and Best Practices Webinar
March 21, 2023 
Gunderson Dettmer partners Jesse Birbach, Katie Gardner, Gina Marek, Aaron Rubin, and Anna Westfelt presented the latest developments and considerations for artificial intelligence including examples on ChatGPT, DALL·E and more. The panel also discussed important topics such as the potential risks associated with AI, the recent case law updates, and methods for mitigating risks.

Regulating AI in Employment: How to Comply and Best Practices Webinar
December 14,2022
Gunderson Dettmer and Holistic AI came together as hosts of the Regulating Artificial Intelligence in Employment: How to Comply and Best Practices Webinar. Together, the two companies discussed new regulations of AI in employment and shared compliance strategy insights into the new regulations for employers, start-ups, and conscientious business owners. Gunderson Dettmer partners Natalie Pierce and Anna Westfelt, associate Frida Alim, and of counsel, Michael Hui were panel speakers at the webinar event.