FutureWork Playbook Podcast Season 5 Finale - “Generative AI Killer Use Cases with Dazza Greenwood and Dr. Lance Eliot”

October 19, 2023Insights

The FutureWork Playbook podcast season 5, episode 6, “Generative AI Killer Use Cases with Dazza Greenwood and Dr. Lance Eliot,” hosted by partner and chair of employment & labor practice Natalie Pierce, releases today.

In the season finale, Natalie speaks with Dr. Lance Eliot, a regular Forbes contributor and AI Fellow at Stanford University, and Dazza Greenwood, a renowned Fortune 100 legal tech advisor and the Executive Director of, to discuss how to effectively leverage generative AI to create killer use cases in the legal field.

Together they provide listeners with suggestions for the most effective uses of legal prompt engineering and generative AI as a whole. From summarizing discovery material to identifying ambiguities in a legal document, generative AI can be a huge asset to the legal field. However, they caution that the results are only as good as the prompts.

Key takeaways include:

  • A framework for the responsible use of generative AI in the practice of law
  • Techniques for how to boost your prompt engineering skills as a lawyer
  • High-value use cases for generative AI in the practice of law
  • Why lawyers are in a great starting position to use generative AI

Episode Insights include:

  • [02:33] First Impressions of ChatGPT: When ChatGPT first became available, Dazza and Lance were astounded by the fluency, adaptability, politeness and conversational nature of the product. 
  • [10:33] Framework for Successful and Responsible Gen AI Use: The keys to success are formulating well-constructed prompts, excelling at critiquing outputs, adapting based on the outputs, and establishing human oversight. 
  • [12:38] “Golden Nuggets” You Need to Know about AI and the Law: Lawyers need to be aware of the synergy between applying AI to the law and applying the law to AI, and of the fact that AI is joining the legal practice, whether they like it or not. 
  • [17:39] Your Output is Only as Good as Your Prompt: Prompt engineering focuses on tailoring prompts to give the generative AI a more accurate picture of the results you’re looking for, including by using the chain of thought technique. 
  • [21:33] Generative AI and Lawyers are the Perfect Pair: Because this generation of generative AI is so fluent, lawyers only need to use their legal writing skills to wordsmith a clear and concise prompt. 
  • [23:11] Legal Prompt Engineering: Legal prompt engineering allows the user to better accomplish common tasks of legal practitioners, like summarizing, critiquing, extracting information from, reformatting, translating, or generating material. 
  • [26:26] Gunderson’s ChatGD: Gunderson has begun using ChatGD, its proprietary AI tool, within the employment division as a means of helping managers and employees better understand their policies. 
  • [28:07] Dazza’s “Killer” Use Cases for Generative AI: These modern large language models excel at summarization, structured document reviews, certain aspects of legal research and analysis, and risk detection. 
  • [31:02] From Mitigating Risk to Embracing Innovation: The conversation on the American Bar Association Task Force for AI has switched from mitigating risk with AI to embracing the technology and learning how it can provide more value to clients. 
  • [33:23] Lance’s “Killer” Use Cases for Generative AI: Generative AI can predict your opponent’s arguments through a legal dialogue, accurately identify key materials in e-discovery, analyze a document for ambiguities, and convert a legal document into plain English. However, human review is still vital because of the risk of AI “hallucination.” 
  • [38:30] The Mechanics Behind Generative AI: Unlike traditional Boolean searches, generative AI synthesizes all the available information into constituent elements as points on vectors, allowing it to understand the entire concept, not just the words themselves, which makes it perfect for legal tasks. 
  • [43:15] AI Doomsday is Not Here Yet: Lance worries that the fears over the power of artificial generative intelligence distracts from seeing all the benefits AI brings to society. 

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