Webinar: The Latest in GenAI: Updates on the Regulatory Landscape and Company Best Practices to Engage in Now

August 8, 2023Insights

Gunderson Dettmer Strategic Transactions and Licensing partner Katie Gardner provided an update on new developments in the AI industry, focusing on government regulation and enforcement, copyright development, legal diligence, licensing deals, financing, and acquisitions.

In the update, Katie highlights the recent Congressional hearings on regulation, including proposals for a licensing agency before products go to market and a safe innovation framework for AI legislation. The White House worked with industry leaders to get voluntary assurances on AI safety and security.

Key takeaways
1. Most recent cases and investigations companies need to be aware of
2. Most common questions from clients
3. The state of AI-related diligence in financings and other corporate transactions
4. What you need to prepare for your next fundraise
5. Predictions for the future

View the slides here.
View the transcript here.

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