Venture Fund Practice

Representing venture capital and private equity investment funds in all phases of their life cycle is a cornerstone of our practice. Three of our six founding partners devote a substantial portion of their time to this practice, which is widely recognized as one of the nation’s preeminent private investment fund practices. Over the last ten years we have formed over one thousand venture capital and private equity investment funds and related entities.

We serve as trusted advisor to funds of all sizes—from household names with tens of billions under management to small, first-time funds. Our U.S.-based funds are located across the country—from Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego in California to New York and Boston, and all points in between. In addition, reflecting the global nature of venture capital and private equity investing, we serve as counsel to leading funds in Europe, Israel, India, China, Vietnam and other Asian countries. We have formed more top-tier venture capital funds in China than any other law firm in the world.

Although we pride ourselves on our state of the art knowledge of the “blocking and tackling” portions of the practice (e.g., VCOC and ERISA compliance, FOIA concerns, and complex UBTI and tax issues), the advanced guidance that we offer to fund sponsors is our true competitive advantage. Providing trusted counsel and insight borne of years of experience on the most fundamental business and economic issues—how a fund’s terms compare to its peer group, where the market is moving, how optimally to position the fund for fundraising, how creatively to bridge the gap between the demands of the limited partners and the requirements of the fund managers, the long-term impacts of distribution, allocation, vesting and incentive schemes on the ability of the fund managers to recruit and retain the “best and the brightest”—is what separates the valued advisor from the mere technician. Moreover, because we focus on representing fund sponsors rather than investors (limited partners), we are uniquely positioned to provide unbiased advice on these strategic issues. This unwavering dedication to the fund and its general partners has earned us an enviable reputation among private investment fund sponsors.