Webinar: Coding with Generative AI: Latest Developments and Practical Risk Management

October 25, 2023Insights

Gunderson Dettmer Strategic Transactions and Licensing partner Aaron Fiske and associate Shu Hu hosted the webinar, “Coding with Generative AI: Latest Developments and Practical Risk Management,” to help prepare people for the AI-driven future of coding.

Aaron and Shu share the latest in generative AI coding tools and their impact on software development. Together they discuss legal diligence and representations and warranties tailored for generative AI in venture financing and M&A deals, as well as provide practical steps to manage legal, business and security risks when using AI coding tools.

Key Takeaways include

• Generative AI Coding Tools
• Litigation Update
• Product Advancements
• Deal Development Guidance
• Best Practices

View the slides here.


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