Gunderson Dettmer Selected as a 2024 BIG AI Excellence Winner for Generative AI

March 20, 2024Firm News

Gunderson Dettmer, the preeminent international law firm with an exclusive focus on the innovation economy, the leading venture capital law firm globally, is honored to be recognized as a 2024 BIG Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award Winner for Generative AI and the only law firm recognized among 120 tech companies and leaders. This hard-won recognition serves as a testament to the firm’s pioneering approach to innovation and legal service.

The distinguished recipients include six prestigious technology leaders, 35 ground-breaking companies, and 79 leading AI platforms and products. Chief among them were notable high-growth tech companies, several of which the firm represents in the AI vertical. The Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award identifies and recognizes the truly unique solutions that stand out in a crowded artificial intelligence space.

“Gunderson Dettmer has been pioneering the adoption of AI products for some time,” said Gunderson Dettmer’s Managing Partner Jeff Higgins. “In 2023, we went one step further and developed our own homegrown AI tools. It is the commitment of the entire Practice Innovation Team that helps us continue to lead and guide our clients through this exciting moment in technology.”

True to its focus on innovation, in 2023, Gunderson Dettmer released several AI-enabled tools and its own homegrown generative AI app ChatGD, as well as numerous resources to help startups understand and address AI’s opportunities and risks.

Joe Green, Chief Innovation Officer, said, “We appreciate being recognized for the hard work the team has put into creating the next generation of tools to elevate the legal profession. Generative AI is a transformative technology and we are committed to remaining on the cutting edge.”

Among top media publications such as the Washington Post, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Fortune, Axios and others, Gunderson Dettmer attorneys have been consistently quoted and interviewed on legal developments and trending topics in the AI space. To learn more about Gunderson Dettmer's resources in the AI space, click here.