TurtleTree Raises $30M Series A Financing

October 29, 2021Client News

Gunderson Dettmer represented client TurtleTree, a Singapore food and biotech startup, in its $30 million Series A financing led by VERSO Capital. With offices in both Singapore and California, the company plans to use its new capital to continue developing IP technologies, research new applications and expand its team to further accelerate the full commercialization of cell-based milk.

In the announcement of the transaction, founder and CEO of TurtleTree Fengru Lin said, “Cell-based milk is using cells from mammals to produce the full composition of milk. This process would produce all more than 2000 components in milk, and even characterizing all of that, and working with the FDA takes time. We are working through that at the moment, but we envision this cell-based milk to commercialize in four to five years.”

The Gunderson deal team was led by David He and included Soo Guo Kai, Benjamin Teo and Binh Vong.