Gunderson Dettmer Hosts Panel: Going Global – What You Need to Know When Investing Overseas

January 25, 2022Firm News

Gunderson Dettmer hosted a 90-minute panel on the state of cross-border investments and how to navigate changing regulations, local governance, and new terms and protections for both founders and investors. The panel included China Practice Leader Zhen Liu, Bradley Krack in Silicon Valley who focuses on Latin America, Richard Chang in Beijing who focuses on China and Europe and Southeast Asia, and David He and Jolyn Ang in Singapore who focus on Asia ex-China, in particular India and Southeast Asia.

The panel discussed the continued rise of global cross-border investments in a number of regions, including between the U.S., China, India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe. They also discussed the impact of changing regulations for investors and how to navigate those challenges while deploying capital into the various markets. The group also addressed how to conduct due diligence and assess risks in these markets for investors to stay protected while remaining commercial and able to run a streamlined deal process, which is important in a hot venture market where funds are competing for the best deals. And finally, the panel discussed investment terms and exit strategies so potential investors can learn about market standards and expectations vis-à-vis investor-founder power dynamics, risk allocation, and minority rights and protections.

Watch for the full panel discussion.