Wavecrest Growth Partners Announces Second Fund

July 12, 2021Client News

Gunderson Dettmer represented client Wavecrest Growth Partners in the closing of its second fund, Fund II, with capital commitments of $290 million.

In the announcement of the closing, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Wavecrest, Deepak Sindwani said, “We are grateful for the confidence that existing and new investors have placed in us, including the number of portfolio CEOs and Operating Advisors who committed to our second fund. Our strategy remains consistent with our first fund – helping capital-efficient B2B technology entrepreneurs in North America and Western Europe scale and reach their maximum potential through a collaborative and interactive partnership approach.” And Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Wavecrest, Vaibhav Nalwaya said, “We will continue to take a disciplined and consistent approach in investing Fund II and continue to partner with like-minded founders and CEOs.”

The Gunderson deal team was led by Nicholas Guttilla and included Andrew Fink, Andrew Griffin and Garabed Koosherian.