Tiger Global Leads $23 million Series A Financing of Authing

October 25, 2021Client News

Gunderson Dettmer represented client Tiger Global as it led the $23 million Series A financing of Authing, a cloud-based identity platform. The company’s identity-as-a-service platform enables clients to efficiently manage their user bases and prevent fraud. Authing intends to use its new capital for research and development, talent attraction, and market expansion.

In the announcement of the transaction, founder and CEO of Authing Xie Yang said, "After the last round of financing, we released employee-oriented B2E products and APN (Authing Cooperative Network). This round of financing will still focus on embedding, integration, and connection upgrade products, mainly investing in identity automation orchestration engines, developer toolkits, and security In the development of tools to meet increasingly complex customer needs; at the same time, we will continue to increase market investment, developer investment, sales investment and customer success investment, intelligently and automate the B2B sales journey, and create a reusable B2B growth infrastructure."

The Gunderson deal team was led by Zhen Liu and included Liqui Tang and Weil Feng.

Tiger Global