The FutureWork Playbook Podcast is Back for Season 4 with ESG

April 20, 2023Insights

Gunderson Dettmer’s FutureWork Playbook podcast featuring partner and chair of employment & labor practice Natalie Pierce is back for season 4 focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

In this season, Natalie will engage with a diverse range of guests and experts who are actively engaged in improving ESG standards within the innovation economy. The season will explore key issues that private companies and their investors should be mindful of, strategies for integrating ESG programs into company culture, and best practices for developing products and business practices that align with ESG standards.

In the first episode, Natalie interviews Alberto Yépez, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Forgepoint Capital, a leading cybersecurity-focused venture capital firm, about incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives into all they do, including the firm’s investing principles.

In delivering on its mission of backing transformative companies protecting the digital future, Forgepoint has integrated ESG across its activities. This includes due diligence on new investments to the leadership and makeup of its portfolio companies as well as firm hiring and operations. We also learn about the development of Forgepoint's ESG handbook, which provides guidelines for both the firm and its portfolio companies to implement ESG practices.

Diversity, inclusivity, and mission-oriented purpose are essential to Forgepoint's success. Tracking metrics in areas such as diversity, employee engagement, company growth, and turnover contribute to the firm's benchmark data.

As an example, Forgepoint portfolio company CyberCube – a market leader in cyber risk analytics – regularly reports on ESG initiatives at board meetings and takes actionable steps towards environmental and social goals through its corporate social responsibility program.

Top Takeaways from this episode include:

  • Integrating ESG Across All Activities: A Blueprint for Success
  • Diversity, Inclusivity, and Mission-Oriented Purpose: Essential Components of ESG Investing
  • Collaborating with Organizations for Successful Implementation of ESG Practices

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