TechTarget Quotes Aaron Rubin in "Microsoft whistleblower, OpenAI, the NYT, and ethical AI"

March 7, 2024Insights

Gunderson Dettmer Strategic Transactions & Licensing partner Aaron Rubin is quoted in TechTarget's article, "Microsoft whistleblower, OpenAI, the NYT, and ethical AI." The article discusses Microsoft's recent lawsuit from The New York Times over copyright infringement with partner OpenAI, as well as internal warnings about the ethical concerns of its Copilot Designer AI model.

Amidst these challenges, Microsoft has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, emphasizing the importance of responsibly advancing AI technologies, while internally addressing ethical AI development issues.

Aaron spoke on the matter stating, "It's just basically the New York Times alleging a number of facts and stating its cause of action and then OpenAI and Microsoft saying, okay, 'even if we were to take all of these facts as true, they still haven't adequately pleaded a case for copyright infringement.'"

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