Scope Security Raises $20M in Series A Financing

March 1, 2022Client News

Gunderson Dettmer represented client Scope Security, Inc., a next-generation security platform purpose-built for health systems, in its $20 million Series A financing led by Thrive Capital. Scope’s custom-built, technology and service platform protects hospitals, clinics, and large provider systems from cyberattacks with the detection of complex attacks in real-time.

In the announcement of the transaction, founder and CEO of Scope Security Mike Murray said, “The past few years have seen attacks on health systems cost millions of dollars, breach millions of records and cause harm to patients. We started Scope Security to address the unique challenges of healthcare delivery, to offer the same caliber of security that has long been available to financial services, industrials and government organizations. Generalist security firms are focused solely on IT, and lack a fundamental understanding of the healthcare ecosystem from medical devices and clinical systems to EHR to emerging digital health technology. These gaps create opportunities to be exploited by increasingly organized, well-funded cybercriminal actors and enterprises. With Scope, I want to rectify that, to protect one of our most vulnerable industries and to ensure patient access to healthcare they can trust.”

The Gunderson deal team included Ryan Purcell, David Sharrow, Alec Saccogna, Sam Feldman, Amanda Ferber, and Christie Kweon.

Scope Security
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