SaaS Labs Raises $42M Series B Financing

January 21, 2022Client News

Gunderson Dettmer represented client SaaS Labs, an India-based business automation platform, in its $42 million Series B financing led by Sequoia Capital India. This round comes shortly after SaaS Labs’ Series A raise and acquisition of two startups. The new capital will enable SaaS Labs to focus on R&D, develop new products and scale newly-launched products.

In the announcement of the transaction, founder and CEO of SaaS Labs Gaurav Sharma said, “While we are well capitalized, this round gives us the firepower needed to double down on what’s working, hire great talent globally, launch innovative products, focus on brand marketing and get aggressive with strategic M&As. As SMBs continue to adopt software to modernize different functions like sales, support, and marketing, etc. within their business, we are confident that SaaS Labs will be able to capture that opportunity and grow 30x in the coming five-seven years.”

The Gunderson deal team was led by Jolyn Ang, and included Soo Guo Kai and Cheryl Lau.

SaaS Labs