Pyxis Oncology raises $22M

July 17, 2019Client News

Gunderson Dettmer client Pyxis Oncology, a newly formed immuno-oncology company, announced its $22 million Series A financing. The round of funding was led by Leaps by Bayer and included Agent Capital, Ipsen and Longwood Fund.

In the announcement of the funding founder of Pyxis Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD said, “With our systematic approach for understanding the immunobiology of the tumor microenvironment, which is distinct from other inflammatory disease settings, we have uncovered multiple novel molecules that regulate immune responses against cancer. These molecules represent promising immuno-oncology targets, both for T cell-inflamed tumors and also for non-T cell-inflamed or 'cold' tumors, for which there is a large unmet need."

The Gunderson Dettmer deal team was led by Tim Ehrlich and included George Pothoulakis and Samantha Gross.