HR Drive Interviews Natalie Pierce in “Mandalorian Actor’s Lawsuit Against Disney Invokes Unique California Law”

March 25, 2024Insights

Head of Gunderson Dettmer's employment & labor practice Natalie Pierce is interviewed in HR Drive’s article, “Mandalorian Actor’s Lawsuit Against Disney Invokes Unique California Law.” The article discusses former mixed martial artist and actor Gina Carano’s law suit against Walt Disney Co. for alleging wrongful termination under California Labor Code Section 1101 for her conservative social media posts, with Elon Musk's support.

This case highlights California's protections for workers' political activity rights and federal laws safeguarding employees' discussions on wages, work conditions, and discrimination.

Natalie said, “No one really focuses on protecting political activities without employer interference, and it really is a reflection of California’s extensive employee rights.”

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