Gunderson Dettmer's Silicon Valley Headquarters Heads Downtown

September 14, 2018Firm News

Gunderson Dettmer's Silicon Valley office has relocated to a newly-constructed building in downtown Redwood City, California. The new space reflects evolving work styles, efficient design and new collaboration tools to fit the firm's culture and is designed to appeal to lawyers and clients alike.

"Our lawyers don't want corner offices - they want areas to collaborate and interact with colleagues and clients in a less formal, more dynamic and creative way. We experimented with our offices in San Francisco and Ann Arbor and discovered that having a smaller footprint means we spend more time working together while maintaining efficiency," said Ivan Gaviria, partner. “Further, and true to our roots, we strive for a flat culture with teams working elbow to elbow, a philosophy and approach that is highlighted in the office design and that helps us continue to provide next-generation service.”

Occupying the top three floors in the building, the new office is also deliberately designed to take advantage of technology. Where the firm previously allocated 8,000 square feet to the library and records functions, with an online library and records stored digitally, the new office requires only 200 square feet devoted to those functions. Further, the conference rooms are more flexible to accommodate a variety of group sizes and configurations. The addition of flexible “hotel” offices for lawyers typically working in the collaborative, open environment ensures privacy when necessary and is balanced with open spaces that promote interaction and collegiality.

"Beyond all the efficiencies implemented, when we first moved into our prior space in 2010, we didn't yet have a San Francisco office. Today, our Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices form one, integrated regional base to serve clients wherever they are in the Bay Area. The two offices are similar in their flexibility in design and really allow for a free flow of people between them - whether it's lawyers or clients," added Gaviria, who travels between the two offices regularly.

Gunderson is the anchor tenant in a new building that features a high walkability score, easy access to public transportation options and a vibrant downtown with amenities including restaurants, theaters, a farmers market and more. The office is located at 550 Allerton Street, Redwood City, California. The addresses of the firm's offices in Ann Arbor, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Beijing and Singapore remain unchanged.