Gunderson Dettmer Named PitchBook’s 2021 Most Active Venture Law Firm Globally for the Eighth Year in a Row

March 7, 2022Firm News

Gunderson Dettmer is confirmed for the eighth year in a row as the “most active law firm” globally in PitchBook’s Global Venture Capital League Tables.  With over 2,050 venture and growth equity financings to its credit in 2021, these deals represent over $165 billion raised for technology and life sciences companies worldwide.  This is yet another historical milestone for PitchBook Data.

The innovation economy showed tremendous growth compared to 2020, and as the industry accelerated, Gunderson Dettmer scaled with it.  Our representation on a global scale was the key to progress in 2021. Practice groups, skills and firm-wide talent bolstered to support our clients worldwide. The near 60% increase in global financings continues to reflect Gunderson’s market leadership in the venture capital marketplace and reinforces previous recognition as the most active law firm in the world since 2014.

In addition to its global recognition, Gunderson Dettmer was the top-ranked firm in 22 categories, including:

By Location

Global (2,051 deals)

United States (1,515 deals)

Rest of the World – Asia and Latin America (391 deals)

West Coast (770 deals)

New England (145 deals)

Great Lakes (79 deals)

Southeast (53 deals)

Mid-Atlantic (369 deals)

South – Texas (59 deals)

By Stage

Early Stage (720 deals)

Late Stage (972 deals)

By Industry


Commercial Services  

HC Services & Systems 

Consumer Goods & Recreation 

IT hardware  


By Representation

Rest of the World Companies  

Investors Globally 

US Investors 

Europe Investors

Rest of the World Investors