Gigafund Invests in $105M Series A Financing of Luminous Computing

March 3, 2022Client News

Gunderson Dettmer represented client Gigafund as an investor in the $105 million Series A financing of Luminous Computing, a California-based developer of AI accelerator chips that uses light channels to enable more data to be fed into processing chips across larger memory space. The funding will go towards the development of Luminous’ custom chips and software, gearing up for commercial-scale production, and the scaling of the company’s engineering team.

In the announcement of the transaction, co-founder and CEO of Luminous Computing Marcus Gomez said, “It’s an incredible time to be part of the AI Industry. AI has become superhuman. We can interact with computers in natural language and ask them to write a piece of code or even an essay, and the output will be better than most humans could provide. What’s frustrating is that we have the software to address monumental, revolutionary problems that humans can’t even begin to solve. We just don’t have the hardware that can run those algorithms.”

The Gunderson deal team was led by Randall Clark and included Robert Barr, Katie Gardner, Ruchir Patel, and Erica Davis.

Luminous Computing