FutureWork Playbook Season 5 Episode 5 - "Developing Your Generative AI Strategy, A Conversation with Charlene Li”

September 28, 2023Insights

The FutureWork Playbook podcast season 5 episode 5, "Developing Your Generative AI Strategy, A Conversation with Charlene Li,” hosted by partner and chair of employment & labor practice Natalie Pierce, is out now.

In this episode, Natalie speaks with Charlene Li, an expert in transformative technologies that disrupt the business landscape. Charlene is a keynote speaker, Fortune 100 advisor and author. Charlene shares her expertise on generative AI by providing valuable insights into the future of work and the potential of AI to drive innovation and transform industries.

Key Takeaways from the episode include:

  1. Companies should take action
  2. Leverage Generative AI to Your Benefit
  3. Responsible and Ethical Use of Generative AI is Essential

Episode Insights

  1. [02:01] What Makes Generative AI Different? Technology allows for faster and better work, impacting organizations and giving individuals more capabilities. The challenge for organizations is how to manage this transformative power.
  2. [08:12] The Value of Generative AI for Companies: The real power of these tools lies in their tailored use against specific data in companies, enabling employees to tap into internal expertise and collaborate effectively.
  3. [11:05] Think Strategically: Instead of just focusing on what technology can do, take a step back and ask: How does this technology help or hurt our strategy? Charlene shares an example of how a client has seen the benefits from embracing generative AI in the workplace. 
  4. [18:01] Grow Substantially With the Same People: Generative AI improves performance of low-performing individuals, while freeing up time for top performers.
  5. [25:33] It’s Not Too Early: Overcoming early adoption fear, using generative AI requires active decision-making and at least a defensive policy for companies.
  6. [30:47] Benefiting From Transformative Change: Companies that transform their workforce and leadership thrive with generative AI, as it enables flexibility and resilience. Leaders should shift focus from providing answers to asking good questions, guiding employees and shaping direction. Governance should facilitate progress rather than hinder it.
  7. [32:55] Why it is Important to Form an AI Council: Key participants from across the organization are needed for an effective “AI Council” to make decisions and move forward. Guidelines and a clear direction from executives and board are needed to support the strategy.
  8. [37:52] Employees want to know how to use AI responsibly: Companies that don't allow potential growth will lose talent. Employers cannot control employees' access to AI. The future of generative AI is uncertain.
  9. [43:24] Charlene’s book: The book "Mega Transformation" is co-written by Charlene Li and Katia Walsh, who brings extensive experience in data and AI. It explores the unprecedented speed and potential for transformation in technology and business, emphasizing the need for a different approach to AI strategy.

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