FutureWork Playbook Season 4 Finale - “Reshaping ESG: A Conversation on the Business Case for Mental Health Initiatives”

June 22, 2023Insights

The FutureWork Playbook podcast season 4 episode 5, “Reshaping ESG: A Conversation on the Business Case for Mental Health Initiatives,” hosted by partner and chair of employment & labor practice Natalie Pierce, releases today.

In this season finale, Natalie speaks with Dr. Bonny Forrest, a Principal at FirmLeader to discuss the importance of incorporating mental health programming as part of companies’ ESG framework.  While some have been slower to buy in, companies that are currently investing in mental health are largely focusing on employee burnout and depression, and allowing flexibility.

Bonny emphasizes that, as part of the process of measuring and optimizing their mental health initiatives, companies must have a cheerleader to highlight the work being done and to demonstrate the investment in employees’ mental health. Bonny explains that companies can prioritize mental health by listening to their employees’ needs and wants, starting small with one or two general initiatives and identifying leaders within the organization who exhibit healthy habits for success.

Top takeaways from this episode include:

  1. Benefits of Prioritizing Mental Health
  2. Successful ESG Initiatives
  3. How Companies Can Prioritize Mental Health

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