FutureWork Playbook Podcast Season 4, Episode 4: “Metrics Matter: A Look at Novata’s ESG Platform to Inform Governance”

June 1, 2023Insights

The FutureWork Playbook podcast episode 4, “Metrics Matter: A Look at Novata’s ESG Platform to Inform Governance,” hosted by partner and chair of employment & labor practice Natalie Pierce, releases today.

Natalie speaks with Novata’s Chief Sustainability Officer Lorraine Wilson to discuss the importance of ESG metrics and how Novata helps companies incorporate them.

Novata's goal is to empower private markets to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable form of capitalism. They make it easy for organizations to incorporate ESG metrics so that value is measurable.

In this week’s episode, the two discuss Novata's recent expansion into Europe, the focus on carbon emissions reporting in the UK and EU, the standardization of ESG metrics in private equity and how private businesses can leverage their ESG practices to attract investors and lastly Lorraine shares the future of ESG reporting and tracking at Novata and how the company has expanded rapidly over the past year.

Top Takeaways from this episode include:

  1. Novata’s ESG Initiatives
  2. Leveraging ESG Practices to Attract Investors
  3. The Future of ESG Reporting and Tracking at Novata

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