Fast Company Recognizes Gunderson Dettmer Clients in 2023 World’s Most Innovative Companies

March 2, 2023Client News

Fast Company recognized 17 Gunderson Dettmer clients in its annual list of the World's Most Innovative Companies. The list recognizes companies across 54 sectors that have made significant contributions to their respective industries through innovative solutions and practices.

Congratulations to the following companies for their continuous positive influence:

Aclima, a purpose-driven technology company creating a new way to map and analyze air pollution and greenhouse gases. 

AcreTrader, an online investment platform designed to provide access, liquidity and transparency in the asset class of land.

Basis Theory, developer of a tokenization platform intended to secure and replace sensitive data.

Colossal Biosciences, a genetic engineering company for species restoration and endangered species protection​​​​​.

Cityblock Health, an operator of a personalized health system intended to address the unmet health and social needs of Medicaid and Medicare populations.

Empirical, a provider of distilled spirits intended to offer different flavors and experiences.

Gro Intelligence, operator of an agricultural data analytics platform intended to bridge the data gaps across global agriculture and offer predictive analytics.

Jüsto, an online supermarket delivery-only grocery store chain. 

Mojo Sports, a sports application designed to make sports more fun for everyone by providing activities designed by youth coaches and child development experts. 

Opencomp, a planning tool designed to provide compensation practices for better planning and growth of companies. 

Pano AI, a developer of a wildfire management platform that combines advanced hardware, artificial intelligence, and easy-to-use cloud-based software to help fire professionals detect threats and confirm fires.

Paravel, a designer and manufacturer of luggage bags and travel accessories intended to explore with care and environmental consciousness.

SOCI, a developer of a social media marketing and management platform intended to serve multi-location marketers.

Switchboard, a cloud coworking space that provides organizations with remote collaboration tools for a flexible virtual work environment.

TalkShopLive, a social streaming platform intended for an interactive and live shopping experience.

Tabu, a producer of a hormone-free women's health product. 

Ultima Genomics, a developer of genome-scale sequencing technology designed to offer analytical services to enterprises.