Docupace Aquired by FTV Capital

April 28, 2020Client News

Gunderson Dettmer client Docupace, a developer of cloud based software that increases the efficiency and profitability of financial services professionals, was acquired by FTV Capital.

In the announcement of the transaction, founder and president of Docupace Michael Pinsker said, "From the outset of our discussions, it was clear that FTV Capital offered the ideal combination of deep domain expertise and value-add. In the coming weeks and months, we have an exciting pipeline of near-term capabilities for our clients that we will be unveiling for the first time. With the backing of FTV Capital, Docupace begins a new era of success, in alignment with a business partner that shares our vision and possesses a unique ability to help us accelerate our growth as we leverage FTV's Global Partner Network and more than 20 years of experience working with companies like ours."

The Gunderson Dettmer deal team was led by Ross Burningham, Cody Peterson, John Olson, and included Heather Aune, Emma Bechara, Caroline Downer, Aaron Fiske , Jacob Gaiser-Palecek, Cameron Jahansouz, Kristen Mationg, Lisa McQuen, Brandon Payette, Justin Peters, Steve Ray, Linh Trinh, Jessica Verran-Lingard and Olga Zolotnik.