Brightseed Announces Collaboration with Kallyope to Screen Plant-Based Bioactives

July 21, 2022Client News

Gunderson Dettmer represented client Brightseed, a plant nutrient technology platform, in its collaboration with Kallyope, a biotech company dedicated to unlocking the therapeutic potential of the gut-brain axis, to identify potential new therapies. The collaboration will leverage Brightseed’s library of small molecule bioactive compounds and the high-value Kallyope platform to screen plant compounds to identify and validate active agents that can be further derived into potential therapeutics targeting weight loss management and glucose control.

In the announcement of the collaboration, co-founder and CEO of Brightseed Jim Flatt said, “Seventy-five percent of our current healthcare spending in the U.S. goes towards treating chronic health conditions that severely impair the quality of life of millions of people. We need to reimagine more scalable approaches to combat the scourge of diet-induced chronic conditions. Kallyope is one of the visionary pharmaceutical companies that recognize the need to develop health products that can prevent or reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases. Historically, nature has provided the majority of small molecules that are used to inform our medicines. In partnership with Kallyope’s high-value gut-brain axis biological targets and technology platform, we will discover the next generation of natural bioactives to improve health and reduce the incidence of diet-related chronic disease.”

The Gunderson Dettmer deal team was co-led by Alex Lee and Brendan McCarthy.