DraftWise Announces Commercial Agreement with Gunderson Dettmer

November 3, 2021Firm News

Gunderson Dettmer has signed a commercial agreement with legal technology startup DraftWise, following a successful pilot of their flagship platform.

DraftWise was founded by two ex-Palantir engineers, James Ding and Emre Ozen, and former Clifford Chance lawyer Ozan Yalti in 2020. Today, the company works with Magic Circle and Am Law 100 law firms across the US, UK, and Australian markets.

DraftWise helps transactional attorneys use their firm’s best language to draft, review, and negotiate complex agreements directly inside of Microsoft Word. The platform integrates a firm’s DMS and internal knowledge resources into a powerful distribution channel for knowledge managers while providing editing, proofreading, and collaboration features for fee earners to easily find and use high-quality precedents and clauses.

Gunderson plans to roll-out DraftWise globally to all attorneys in the coming months, continuing its investment in innovations that streamline not only how it meets client needs but also how Gunderson attorneys share the hard-won knowledge that helps them exceed client expectations.

”DraftWise is another pillar in our suite of practice innovations and client solutions. Our attorneys – who handle more corporate transactions for fast-moving venture-backed companies than any other law firm in the world – were clamoring for a tool that would allow them to better leverage that knowledge earned at the negotiating table,” said Naveen Pai, Gunderson’s Director of Knowledge Management. “DraftWise is exactly the right solution for that need.”

DraftWise graduated from Y Combinator in September 2020 before joining MDR LAB’s Improve program in December 2020. DraftWise is also part of the current cohort of Allen & Overy’s Fuse innovation hub. Gunderson Dettmer joins DraftWise’s growing roster of customers leading the legal industry.

“Gunderson is a very highly regarded firm and they’ve been truly fantastic partners since even before we began our pilot. They have an ambitious, compelling vision for harnessing their firm’s data, and we’re thrilled to be a key part of their long-term plan,” said James Ding, co-founder and CEO of DraftWise.

Find more information about DraftWise at If you are interested in seeing a DraftWise demo and learning more about DraftWise’s pilot program, please reach out to