Our aim is simple: To enable builders and investors to harness the tremendous potential that web3 brings to the technology, financial and governance ecosystems, while navigating the rapidly shifting business, legal and regulatory environment. We are as bullish as our clients about the impact that a decentralized internet will have on our future, and excited to be on the ground floor advising the builders – whether they are companies or funds – in an era where the velocity of innovation built on open source technology is moving at a pace never seen before. Web3’s potential to reinvent and democratize the world economy opens the door to both vast opportunity and serious risk. Our role is to maximize the opportunity while minimizing the risk.

Multidisciplinary Approach to web3

Our team brings together attorneys across our core practices, including corporate, technology licensing, open source, intellectual property, data privacy, fintech regulatory, investment advisor and fund formation. We leverage our diverse experience to see around corners for our clients, advising them on a range of substantive matters including corporate structuring and capital raising, intellectual property development and licensing, protection of proprietary rights, commercial contracts and customer terms, strategic transaction negotiations, data privacy compliance and data security best practices, regulatory compliance and mergers and acquisitions.

We have seen an explosion of interest from funds and formed several of the most innovative funds focused on this space. We counsel venture and growth equity funds deploying billions of dollars of capital in this space, ensuring they have the most sophisticated advice to guide them on how to structure investments and funds while navigating an evolving regulatory environment.

Anticipating the Future to Maximize Opportunity

Complacency is the enemy of innovation, so it is our enemy too. We are nimble and flexible. We offer the right resources at the right time, with a constant eye toward results. We are recognized internationally for providing the world’s most innovative companies and funds with pragmatic and creative strategic planning, transactional advice and regulatory assistance, especially in cutting-edge industries in evolving environments.

We are at the forefront of adapting the traditional investing and governance norms in the venture capital space to the existing and changing laws and regulatory regimes. We partner with you as a trusted advisor to maximize growth and economic potential while also anticipating how best to protect you and your business today and in the future.