Venture-backed companies look to us for legal guidance on the strategy, timing and execution of public offerings and for ongoing regulatory and compliance obligations once public. Our Public Offerings/Public Companies lawyers augment existing client teams to ensure an efficient and seamless transition into the public markets. With decades of experience, hundreds of completed offerings and success advising thousands of leading technology companies, we are uniquely qualified to support emerging growth and maturing companies as they raise capital.

Focused expertise. Our firm-wide focus on technology and life sciences markets extends to public offerings. Every one of the more than 350 public offerings we’ve closed has been for a venture-backed company. Our Public Offerings/Public Companies practice team works exclusively on technology and life sciences deals. Other firms may have the lead partner supervise other lawyers’ work, but our partners are in the trenches with our clients and maintain an active, day-to-day, start-to-finish involvement in every public offering we handle.

All the practice groups to support your exit. We complement our deep bench of corporate and public company lawyers with a range of other key transactional services, including:

  • IP, Licensing and Strategic Transactions. Because we’ve advised thousands of technology companies in the licensing, acquisition and development of intellectual property – and have negotiated opposite all of the major technology and life sciences players – we use that experience to identify possible obstacles and find the best ways to eliminate or navigate them as a company prepares to go public.
  • Employee Benefits and Compensation. We pioneered many of the compensation practices that have become standard for venture-backed companies and continue to innovate through an approach that marries best practices with competitive acumen and tax and regulatory discipline. Our deep insight into industry practices and cutting-edge developments enables us to calibrate to the needs and objectives of founders, investors, boards of directors and employees.
  • Tax Planning/Compliance. Tax advantages and business purposes often conflict, and we’re adept at figuring out how to achieve the right balance to serve your needs. Given our significant global activity, we also have deep experience in the tax aspects of cross-border activities.

Managing Stakeholders. We maintain your core team and stay by your side, ensuring alignment and helping you manage the various stakeholders impacting your IPO process.

Storytelling excellence. Our staffing approach enables us to describe each client’s market, opportunities and strategy, as well as articulate the best position for an efficient and successful offering experience. Your IPO is a one-time marketing opportunity to enhance your brand, including with customers, employees, partners and potential acquisition targets. Your S-1 will be available for everyone to discover and it will persist on the SEC website for your entire life as a public company. We know what it is like to address these other important stakeholders while still managing the SEC, bankers and larger firms who just want to get the deal done.

Banking relationships and underwriting representation that facilitate smooth execution. Given the number of public offerings our clients have completed, our team has worked with all the major investment banks both as company and underwriter counsel and knows their processes and hot buttons. We lead the entire IPO working group – investment bankers, auditors, underwriter counsel and even the SEC staff – to troubleshoot issues that might otherwise delay an offering and help it stay on schedule. We have also worked extensively with the SEC groups that are most likely to review your filings and can help make the SEC review process more efficient.

Dual-track experience. Our Mergers & Acquisitions practice is the pre-eminent sell-side M&A practice in the industry and led by some of the most experienced and respected technology lawyers in the world. The team supports our clients if they decide to pursue a dual-track approach to preparing for an exit. We avoid conflicts with frequent acquirers to ensure our clients receive the best representation with their current, experienced team and aren’t forced to find alternative representation due to a conflict.

Ongoing relationships. While many firms bifurcate their public clients onto teams of regulatory and compliance lawyers after the IPO, Gunderson continues to add resources to the same core team that helped build the business through the offering and integrate other services as your needs evolve. The public offering isn’t an endpoint; it is the beginning of another stage in your company's lifecycle.