Venture-backed companies look to us for legal guidance on the strategy, timing and execution of public offerings and for ongoing regulatory and compliance obligations once public. Our Public Offerings/Public Companies lawyers augment existing client teams to ensure an efficient and seamless transition into the public markets. With decades of experience, hundreds of completed offerings and success advising thousands of leading technology companies, we are uniquely qualified to support emerging growth and maturing companies as they raise capital.

Focused expertise. Our firm-wide focus on technology and life sciences markets extends to public offerings. Every one of the more than 350 public offerings we’ve closed has been for a venture-backed company. Our Public Offerings/Public Companies practice team works exclusively on technology and life sciences deals. 

Storytelling excellence. Our staffing approach enables us to describe each client’s market, opportunities and strategy, as well as articulate the best position for an efficient and successful offering experience. The narrative of your business is critical during the process. We actively assist you in crafting offering documents that reflect the unique characteristics of your business.

Ongoing relationships. This personalized advisory approach continues after the transaction. While many firms bifurcate their public clients onto teams of regulatory and compliance lawyers after the IPO, Gunderson continues to add resources to the same core team that helped build the business through the offering. The public offering isn’t an endpoint; it is the beginning of another stage in your company's lifecycle. After a successful IPO, the offering team continues to assist and integrate other services as your needs evolve.

Banking relationships and underwriting representation facilitate smooth execution. Given the number of public offerings our clients have completed, we’ve had the chance to work with all of the leading investment banks. We can use those relationships to introduce you to bankers with whom you may want to work and to ensure smooth execution of your public offerings.

Representing clients from incorporation through IPO and into the public markets

"Part of the process of doing an IPO is for the company to tell its story and explain who the company is and what makes the company unique. We are so intimately involved with our clients and know them so well, we are best positioned to help them tell their story." Richard Blake, Law360 April 2015