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June 8, 2023Client News
RevSure.AI Announces $10M Seed Financing

Gunderson Dettmer represented client RevSure.AI, an AI-based pipeline acceleration platform, in its $10 million seed financing co-led by Neotribe Ventures and Innovation Endeavors. The new capital will be used to increase the company’s investments in product engineering and AI technology and resources, accelerate customer acquisition and go-to-market strategy.

June 7, 2023Client News
Magrathea Metals Announces $10M Seed Financing

Metal production company, Magrathea Metals, announced its $10 million seed financing to continue making carbon-neutral metal from seawater and brines for the era of electrification and decarbonization.

May 31, 2023Client News
Lightmatter Announces $154M Series C

Lightmatter, leader in photonics, announces its $154 million Series C financing to arm some of the largest cloud providers, semiconductor companies, and enterprises. 

May 30, 2023Client News
UpCodes Launches New Copilot Tool and $3.5M Series A

Upcodes, a searchable platform for building codes, announces its $3.5 million Series A financing and its new AI-based tool, Copilot, a tool that will make navigating the world of building codes even more streamlined. 

May 18, 2023Client News
TCV leads Instawork $60M Series D

TCV led the $60 million Series D financing of Instawork, an online job marketplace intended to connect businesses with potential employees.