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July 26, 2023Insights
Client Insight: Legislating the Future of AI in Employment: NYC's Law on Automated Decision Tools & Other Important Developments

Companies are increasingly using automation and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to identify and hire qualified candidates more efficiently, accurately, and objectively. In response, regulators and legislators are enacting laws and rules specifically addressing AI’s potential for bias and perceived lack of transparency and accountability.

July 14, 2023Client News
Wing Announces New $600M Pool of Capital

Wing, an early-stage venture capital firm, announced the formation of its latest venture capital fund to invest in startups focused on artificial intelligence.

July 11, 2023Client News
Oklo to Go Public with AltC Acquisition Corp Merger

Advanced fission technology and nuclear fuel recycling company, Oklo Inc enters into a definitive business combination agreement with AltC Acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company. 

July 10, 2023Client News
Pano AI Announces $17M Series A Extension

The first company to offer a fully-managed solution for active wildfire detection using artificial intelligence, Pano AI announces its $17 million Series A extension to continue safeguarding lives, communities and the environment.

June 29, 2023Insights
PubCo Insight: SEC Augments Share Repurchase Disclosure Regime

Final rules, though less onerous than proposed, will require new and expanded quantitative and qualitative disclosures from public companies about repurchases of their equity securities, including quarterly reporting of daily share repurchase activity, and company Rule 10b5-1 trading plans

Calendar-year-end U.S. domestic issuers (including EGCs and SRCs) must comply with the new disclosure requirements starting with their next Form 10-K for any share repurchases made in the fourth quarter of 2023