Our Culture

We started this firm with an exclusive focus on the venture and growth ecosystem, confident that a concentrated approach would yield unmatched service, skill, and expertise. We followed our gut on this unique model and our gut was right. As the technology and life sciences industries have come to dominate the world economy, we have evolved as well, focusing on the growing needs of private companies that bring new ideas to market, the venture and growth equity fund that fuel their success, and public companies that advance the market with their ideas. 

We don't just watch the industry accelerate, expand, and evolve -- we are at the center of it. The relationships we nurture in local markets allow our lawyers to provide deeper guidance influenced by the realities and opportunities in each specific ecosystem. We have long been engaged in the global venture community through a variety of partnerships with leading accelerators, incubators, universities, and other entities supporting the growth of the industry. To not only share our knowledge but also to stay on the inside track on trends and challenges in the industry, we have long-standing partnerships with various national and international organizations, including the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), Endeavor, BLCKVC, TechGC, Latin America Venture Capital Association, Venture Forward and the China Venture Capital Association. 

Especially as the industry continues to connect globally, we can offer seamless service and insight across borders and in collaboration with local law firms. Whether providing access to capital, protecting the intellectual property of our clients or attracting and retaining key talent, we offer our clients excellence at each stage in their journey. 

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